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lightpkz 562

Post  alipotter890 on Sun May 23, 2010 4:03 pm

Here is a release on my old 562. Had for long time as a spare. Well enjoy, and read the features...

+ Home as Lumberbridge [100%] Fixed errors around it..
+ Shops
+ Fixed Combat [40%] Click twice
+ Fixed Ranged Projectile [77%] Easy to fix, So finish it.
+ Working Mage on NPC [30%]
+ Working Mage on PLAYERS [55%]
+ Working shops, *BUY* *SELL* *X* *10* *5* *50* [99%] Havn't got buy *ALL*
+ Working Prayer Alter [98%] Because doesn't pray at the front, Prays at side.
+ Working Bonuses
+ Im really honest about things. I dont have all Mapdata maybe about [80%]
+ Bones burying [97%]
+ Picking items up from ground [99%] Doesn't pick up coins :s

I cant be asked to make pictures. Besides i made this thread at my girls house. But anyways hope you all enjoy. As i'll be releasing my main 562. Once i get the hang of Pest Control. Need to fix couple errors an buggs, which is really hard. But this source is "Un - Finished"..

Client + Server ?mhmkdmhzcbo Client + Server Updated: Fixed 2 Glitchs
Called it "Fun 562" Originaly called Lightpkz

Base: Caelum's Base


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