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Post  alipotter890 on Sun May 23, 2010 4:01 pm

Heya Guys Welcome To FlawLess~508!!!
This Is A Server That I Have Been Working On Now For About 4 Weeks And Its Going Great So Far!
The Base Is Bulby, And Has Got Loads Of Stuff Added To It!!
But Before i Go Into Talking About Wats In The Server I Would Like To Show Some Credits.
Here They Are...

70% Me For Adding Most Of The Stuff
10% Tutorials For Helping Me Out On The Way
15% Bulby For The Base
5% Mates For Helping Me With Errors And Stuff

Note - If Eny One Flames, Saying I Leeched I Didnt Just Look At The Credits?.

OK Here Are The Features!.

Working Split Chat - Credits Go To CarrScape
Working Range With No White Screens
A Total Of 19 Shops - Changeing The Place In Ver 2
GodWars Kill Count
Pk With Item Drops If You Die
85% Bounty Hunter
99% Shopping With By 5 And By 10
King Black Dragon
Kalphite Queen
Fight Pits
Castle Wars 99%
Dueling 90%
ClanWars 70%
All 24 Skills

Goals Im Trying To Add For Ver 2

Working Bank Tabs
Working Bank Notes
Working Grand Exchange - DONE!
Working Tradeing - DONE! OMFG! (Still Some Little Glitches
By X In Shops


Source: mediafire.com ?mzk4mdyxmzy

Client: mediafire.com ?20zjyjooljm Sorry For The Wate My Pc Is Slow But Its Here Now!

Most of The Client Credits Go To Gawd-Scape Client I Just Edited Some Stuff On It.


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