ExactlyWowScape (562) source

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ExactlyWowScape (562) source

Post  alipotter890 on Sun May 23, 2010 3:55 pm

Did not make base Atomicscape did all i did was make ::yell work for all staff and ::bones gives you 99prayer instead of having to bury them or go into achievement and lumbrige here are commands
Players Commands
Mod Commands
All of above
::mute (user)
::unmute (user)
Admin Commands
All of above
::ban (user)
::ipban (user) doesn't work do
::ipmute (user) doesn't work i think
::cleanup idk what it does
o and also you can use any 562 ip changer i use kzhan 562 ip changer for source here a download for it
multiupload.com UATTO7LBRE
Source download is here now there is no owner right or donator you have to add them in your self and also there no co owner
source download is here multiupload.com 89QQH3YPC8
We'll add picture soon!


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