BoneScape 508 Source - PKing/Spawning Server

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BoneScape 508 Source - PKing/Spawning Server

Post  alipotter890 on Sun May 23, 2010 3:51 pm

Server is a 508 Spawning/Pking server. You need money to spawn items. Pk in several different combat zones, including Bounty Hunter, Ardougne, Varrock, and Camelot. Since my client is not editable, I recommend having your players use an IP Changer for now. I worked hard on this source and it was my very first server I ever coded. I did all the coding, no help except for on client from my friend Ethan and from the source that I used. I might have accidentally uploaded the wrong source here if I did I will find the right one.


-Fixed dupes I found
-Added turmoil ( Chivalry )
-Bounty Hunter 90% (100% High Level Crater)
-Perfected PvP
-Killcosts for items like Fire Cape, Torso.
-Unlock requirements for items like RFD Gloves, Defenders.
-Added tons of commands
-Start out with 50m Spend XP and 100m Cash to spawn with + ::Starter
-Added an effect for your RunServer.bat that lets you see who logs in and has a live chatlog.
-Added Vesta/Morrigan/Zuriel/Statius Bonuses and killcosts
-All Godswords 100%
-Spirit Shields (With perfect 3D Models)
-Added Dragon Claws Killcost
-Was working on getting correct GFX for D Claws, but my computer is unable to host now.
-100% Vengeance and Veng Other
-Cannot aid someone who is fighting
-Clan Chat
-Got a different compiler
-Alot more I can't remember..


::item (ID) (amount) - It costs money
::lvl (lvlid) (xp)
::reset (lvlid) - Costs 10m

-There is alot more I can't remember on here too.

(All Player Commands)
"/" (Text) - Serves as a ::yell command.

(All Player Commands)
(All Donator Commands)

(All Player Commands)
(All Donator Commands)
(All Mod Commands)

-There are a few more I can't remember



Well, That's about it. I'm still hoping to get my server back up to the way it was before. It really is an awesome server and I recommend using for your source if you are a beginner or experienced. I do not recommend using if you are planning on not doing any coding to the source yourself, which is called leeching. I will remove the source if I see that people are leeching it. That means if you use source without commenting or if I just see some server that is obviously using this source.

-Source Link: ?jhmnj1iidxw


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